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Waves of cold, mysterious ebonite sea,
Washing the harsh muddy shore whilst she,
Treads on lightly, placing her feet slightly,
Gently float of the sky - lovely and nightly.

I - pity lovesick fool, my curious mind,
Delighted by her sight, I'm spellbind.
Although too far to truly adore
The beauty on the miserable shore.

They locked the gates, barricaded the place,
Thirteen autumns back ago, such a disgrace.
How she dwells there, together with sallow moon?
The seals are unhurt, she's singing her pretty tune.

I tried to break the lock, enchanted by her voice,
I've struck it with great force, opened it with rejoice.
The gates are wide-open, I ran to her arms stretched to me,
Tempest rose up wild, the tragedy struck like a thunder set free

I - pity lovesick fool, my curious mind,
Deceived by her sweet voice, I am blind!
Terrified I fell on my knees, hearing the knell,
As the midnight rises, feeling opened gates to hell.

Eyes full of desire for revenge and suffering,
I've been surrounded by the visions of her,
The rope had wrung, pyre's flames sing,
Swathe of Death, so premature...

Her embrace devoured me in whole,
Figure that once I'd call luscious,
I felt me torn asunder with my soul.
My screams muted by waters' rush!

Bequeath'd a drought o'er my soon dead carcass,
I stumbled on my face upon the sands of Babylon
Her kiss had taken my life when 'twas almost dawn.

"Thou - naive lovesick fool, your curious mind.
Have led thou onto my bait, I haven't whined
Only bones and rotten clothes left of thou,
I lust for more death, blood that to spoil I vow..."
Another lyrics that I've created. At least now they have some sort of chorus, I guess.
I'd love to hear opinions on that, thanks. :3
TwoLeftSocks Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
wow I love this!
Aimlesswaves Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I have a lot of thoughts for you. Mainly, why did you choose to make so many grammatical errors, which I can only assume were intentional since you're clearly very intelligent.

Really love the themes in this, makes me think of a dark and stormy night as sea, and just as you hear the call of some far off Siren, it is turned all too soon to a dry cracked riverbed that will strand you more than your previous endeavor.

It is very nice, and it makes me want to read more.
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October 21, 2012
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